Baklay ta bay!

Let's hike mate! :D

Part IV - Bohol series

After an almost-all-night of being glued to the tube, still woke up to an early start. 'Twas an okay-night's sleep but still a bit expensive for 700 bucks. Anyways, after a very light brekky of biscuits and milk, we set off for the first leg. Another tricycle ride..and a bus ride from the same one, coincidentally, from Dao terminal to Carmen for a mere eight pesos (if I remember it right).. passed through Barangay Bool and the Sandugo Monument and got dropped off at Baclayon Church.

The oldest catholic stone church in the Philippines, the church was constructed during the Spanish era some 300 or more years ago. It is one of the best preserved in the region and is actually formally known as the Church of the Immaculate Conception. It was completed in 1727 and has a dungeon where catholic violators, usually the natives, are housed. Presently, it has a small museum on the side where picture-taking is very much prohibited. Artifacts to see are mostly religious in nature such as very old statues of saints, antique candle holders and similar church paraphernalia, and even gold-embroidered church garbs.

There's a port just a very short walk from the church. The church itself is situated along the highway with the sea on the other side. Such a picturesque location. Then there's a municipal hall as well as a small tourist center where bookings for watersports in I-don't-know-in-what-area in Bohol are available. We walked the entire 'walkway' and it was low tide. The water was very clean and clear. A far cry from what I'm used to when walking along Manila Bay. lol The sea-floor can be clearly seen from where we were standing. I was honestly tempted to jump in! But I didn't. :D

After walking back to the bus stop, we then hailed a jeepney, since it took the bus too long to pass us by, to take us farther down the road to the second leg, to try out the Loboc River tour. The ride was pretty relaxing as we enjoyed the cool wind and the nice by-the-sea scenery. Conducive to napping. 

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