A Run to the Ruins of Talisay.

Part I - Visayas series (8.11)

I've never been to anywhere in the western Visayas region. I was supposed to be a beach bum in Boracay for a weekend with friends a few months ago but it didn't push through. My sister and I didn't fly out to Palawan (I know..I know.. Palawan is part of Luzon) last July although the tickets were already booked and paid for. I've missed a lot of trips for this year (and wasted a lot of money too.. missed a trip to Davao last June - now that I remember).

I've never been to Bacolod or anywhere in Negros. And I have a long-standing invitation from a good friend's family to come visit . So the very moment I decided to quit work and put a period on my resignation letter, I booked my flight south and made a detour.




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