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Part VII - Bohol series (2.11)

Last night was a bit crazy. Sky and I had dinner at one of the resort's al fresco dining areas..the cheaper one of course. We had rice, soda and lots of bbq! During the entire course of the meal, I kept going back and forth to the tour kiosk hoping to catch anyone wanting to do the dolphin-watching tour in the morning. You see, an entire bangka costs around 2800 bucks and there's just the two of us. So I gotta look for boatmates! The manang (we're pretty sure) was getting pissed off and tired of seeing my face, I bet on it!

Long after we've finished dinner, we've already walked along the shore. Such a pretty star-filled sky! We wandered into the other restaurant with the live band eyeing for probable targets. We went out empty-handed. 

We ended up lounging at the reception area. We each chose our seats and grabbed stuff to read. And like an answered prayer, two Korean girls got out of a black van. And as I'm the project head, I beat their very own driver at the boat tour contest! My sister and I have a couple of Korean friends but these girls are two of those who speak and understand English least. But I don't really care, they said yes already! 

After agreeing to meet up at the reception area after an hour, we went our separate ways. Them - to shower, us - nothing really. Over their dinner and some fruit shakes, we discussed our boat trip the following day. 


Hoppin' - Bohol

Part VI - Bohol series

A visit to Bohol isn't complete without going to Panglao.  So even if we've made friends with the tarsiers, hiked Baclayon church, climbed Chocolate hills, cruised Loboc river.. we made Panglao our last major pit stop.

Right after the river tour, we hopped on a jeep that'll take us back to Dao terminal, from where we're supposed to take another bus to the island. After a few inquiries, we finally found our ride. Pretty much the same bus but smaller this time. And as usual, we're the first ones. Then came a manang (old lady), followed by two kuyas (older brother). For the meantime, we took separate seats -because they're pretty cute, and waited. And waited. And waited... It took so long for people to come and fill up every single seat available. After a much longer wait, we finally took off and headed for Panglao. Or so we thought. 

As it turned out, manong driver was actually headed to a makeshift terminal intending to load more passengers. But the bus is already full! Where are they gonna stuff these people?!

After a much much longer wait, we finally started moving for the short trip. I don't exactly remember how long it took. All I know is that after a few winks.. a short nap as we were gently swayed right and left, we arrived in Panglao. The thing is that we haven't actually decided where to spend the night. Haha.. and haven't really booked anywhere. We hopped out of the bus at the Alona White Beach area and retraced our steps to head back to the Bohol Beach Club, which as it turned out, was pretty far. Fortunately, a trike was stalking us! lol We hopped in.. it really was far back! As it turned out, Bohol Beach Club is too pricey for us beachbums on a budget. But we're just so lucky that our driver knew of Dimaluan Beach, which is just right next to BBC.

This is the view from our 1000 bucks/night suite. Our chosen resort shares the same shore as BBC. "Why not go for the cheaper one?," said manong driver. Our sentiments exactly.

And of course, our lovely cottage. One word: Presko. Who needs the airconditioned room when you can enjoy the fresh cool air blowing in from the sea. We walked the entire shoreline from our part to the farthest, the expensive Eskaya and Amorita resorts.


Paanod sa Suba...Loboc River, Bohol

bohol-philippines.com )
Let the current take you away? :D

Part V - Bohol series

The first thing you see upon arriving in Loboc is the church. And the unfinished bridge which was said to be "only" completed at the expense of the church's ruin (hope I phrased that right). Good thing it was only 'said so.' It awkwardly stands across the river serving no real purpose than to obviously state the misuse of public funds. 

Anyway, the Church of San Pedro is old but not as old as Baclayon church of course, and is a worthy visit as it boasts an admirably painted ceiling, a collection of old treasures and artifacts, was made of old stones though no longer original as it burned down several years ago, and of course, trophies and prizes won by the famous Loboc Children's Choir. I personally haven't experienced their awesomeness yet but if and/or when you get lucky, as they say, you might catch the music when the choir's serving during the mass or on special occasions. 

The church stands adjacent to the river where the floating restaurants are waiting for us. Just right across. We scheduled everything such that we'd arrive just in time for lunch. Still, we arrived an hour early, I think. The very first ones! The jeepney guys were so kind to drop us off right exactly at the 'departure area.' One of the ladies manning (or is it wo-manning?) the registration stalls was with the ride with us so naturally we were ushered to her stall. So we paid for the ticket & other fees for around 400 bucks and waited at the air-conditioned Tourist Lounge..a great escape from the heat! We also got to update our facebook and twitter stats for free via the provided consoles! Really nice. Every departure area should be required to be like this one. Haha.. 

Finally..boarding time. We, as usual, were the first ones to board our huge bangka. Even before we sailed away, the mouthwatering buffet of Filipino food was already open to the now-hungry passengers. And again, we found out too late that each floating restaurant serves a different food specialty as well as music. We din't even really choose! We just bought tickets from the first kiosk. Well. It was good anyway. But we would've loved the coconut drinks in the coconut shells! 

first round
Green was much of what we saw during the cruise. A now-you-see-it-now-you-don't road and buses here and there. Interesting nipa huts and some sort of camping ground or resort called Nuts Huts. And tourists coming and going from that place! Will definitely check it out next time. lol Anyway, I was also waiting for kids climbing up coconut trees and jumping off into the river. Unfortunately for me, they weren't out playing that day. :( But we made stops at floating rafts where dancers from some non-government units play music and dance for tourists. We, as I was playing tourist, gave donations in return. Though you're never obliged to. :) The tour was very relaxing, in fact I was gonna suggest that the management hang hammocks so we can take a nap if we want to. lol The restaurant finally made a u-turn to head back to the dock of origin when we reached Busay falls.

All in all, the tour wasn't what I expected. Maybe because I grew up seeing similar river views. Nevertheless, it was quite nice and relaxing. A good thing to do to unwind. And enjoy good food. 



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