Lost and Found (Jjim jil bang in Makati)

A night to remember indeed. We got invited by our Korean friends to try Jjim Jil Bang, a Korean spa. We, me + sister, said why not. So off we went..but first things first.. stop at the isaw-an. Blair, the bespectacled one, like me thought I dished mine that time, loves isaw. It's the chicken intestine on a stick that you can enjoy either fried or grilled. We also had toron, banana in lumpia wrapper fried with brown sugar, and sago't gulaman.

Then with a map in hand, we scoured Makati looking for the said spa. We got off the Guadalupe-LRT jeepney at the Buendia-Makati Ave corner and walked almost the entire length of Jupiter St. OMG! Got lost in Makati?! lol After miles of hiking, we finally found the place but it's on the other side of where we were and manong guard won't let us pass through the neighboring compound. So we ended up going 'round, but in a tricycle this time.

After collecting our get-ups, we proceeded to the grand bath, where we stripped down to our birthday suits, scrubbed our skin red and enjoyed the varying water temperatures. Hot. Cold. Hot. But we stayed away from the steam sauna as we couldn't take the heat. Don't have pics for this part though. Off limits. lol

After getting our skin wrinkly enough in the baths, we proceeded to the Jjim jil bang itself, where we enjoyed the different kinds of dry saunas as well as the ice room. Plus the ramen, kimbap, Korean tea and halo-halo, which I forgot the names.

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