Church and Chinese food..– Singapore

I totally enjoyed my stay at my hostel but some things just don’t last forever.

My short adventure in Singapore is becoming shorter. I've had my second breakfast for the day after a second trek to the ECP, and that’s after I’ve packed my backpack and all my stuff. I’ve also cleaned up my mess, removed my sheets and dumped them in the laundry bin. And I was then lounging in the common area, making small talk once again, waiting for my sundo, that’s Tammy, a friend who’s gonna pick me up.

Tammy is a good friend of my sister’s. They were together for the Ship for Southeast Asian (and Japan) Youth Program or SSEAYP ‘09. And since this trip was my sister’s Christmas gift, she was kind enough to volunteer to show me around. And let me couchsurf for two nights too.



Betel nut.. err, BetelBox! - My Singapore Hostel.

200 Joo Chat Road.

Walked way past it. It was so conspicuously situated I totally missed it. Really missed it. Or maybe I wasn’t looking closely enough. But duh! I was. In fact, I was walking turtle-paced along the entire length of that road. Careful to note building numbers, trying to beat the darkness that was slowly settling in. And that’s also despite the backpack that got heavier by the minute.

Finally, I found the right door

But not after going into one of the other hotels to ask where 200 was. So I had to retrace my steps and look for that green door. And now that I was standing right outside of it, I couldn’t get in because it was locked. It’s unlike the usual setting wherein you just walk in and find the front desk. Fortunately, a girl guest was coming in from 711. I didn’t have to use the intercom nor the security box, of which code I din’t have anyway.  




I meant, blogstipated. 

A word I got from a post by FearfulAdventurer about blogging troubles. Well, everyone encounters glitches of some sort along whichever path we choose to follow. And for an aspiring blogger like me, this is a major roadblock. Omeegaaad. 

Well, maybe yes. Maybe not. Words usually flow when I get started. That's when I'm past a paragraph. Even just a short one. But how do I get started. That's the real glitch. 

Or I'm simply too tardy to get on with it. I used to be so into writing so much when I was younger. Before I was overwhelmed with too much reports and deadlines to meet back in Uni. I used to always fill my journal to the brim. Before an ex-roomie read it cover to cover. I used to submit weekly write-ups. Before I stopped being a part of the school paper. I used to post posts more regularly. Before I redid my blog...wanting it to be more like a travel blog and less of a touchy-feely journal-y thing. I used to always scribble something on most pieces of paper but most often my favorite notebook. Before I got too technically-dependent. That is, needing a keyboard and not making do with plain paper and pen. 

This will be my dead-end of the road to a thriving blog! To think I've mapped out a timeline. Hah! Unless I do something about it. Really do something about it. 

Maybe I'm just overwhelmed by the volume of posts to write. Gotta deal with this catching-ups! 

Or is it catchings-up?



Mao na Ni.. Singapore!

Part I - Singapore series (2.11)

This is it!

After a month of on&off research and some fundraising, I packed my orange backpack, hailed a cab to the airport and headed for Singapore for a 4-day I'm-all-by-myself-this-time trip. While waiting in a mixture of a quarter of trepidation and 3/4 almost-uncontainable-I've-gotta-stop-myself kind of excitement, I finally boarded the plane that'll take me for a 3-hour ride to meet and get to know the Merlion.

Since I took off straight from work, I slept through most of the flight and woke up just in time to see an interesting group of cirrus clouds and tidbits of Malaysia and surrounding islands. My excitement climbs higher. Hihi.. we're prepping to land.

Welcome to sunny Singapore! ~said the heavy rain. Wow. And to think that I arrived at the Budget terminal where you'd have to get off the plane and walk - and grab an umbrella since it was raining, to the main building. Sunny Singapore? You're not being true to your words. This ain't kicking off right. But I won't let that get me! ☺




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