Rice... all you can!

Banaue Rice Terraces. Finally! After ages of planning to visit the place..the time did come. Thanks to a friend I recently made I was obliged to go. With the pleasure all mine!

There are a number of buses plying the Manila-Banaue route but we opted to take Florida bus for convenience. It's near. Besides, two buses leave from EspaƱa station - near UST, at 9:10 (400) and 10:45 (450) every night. Got the former since the second one was fully booked by the time we got to the station by 7pm. Too bad they don't take reservations by phone we could've traveled with an on-board toilet (teeny weeny cute! trust me, but it works) which, by the way, makes the 50 peso difference.


discovering Initao - in Photos

A few years back I together with family took a road trip through northern Mindanao. It was actually for my siobe's Uni graduation from the Mindanao State U - Iligan Institute of Technology or better known as MSU-IIT. I flew to Cagayan de Oro city where I was picked up from the airport and from where we started off.

We passed through Gingoog city and other areas of Misamis Oriental. The trip just takes under 2 hours but we made a short detour to a little forest sanctuary that looks out to sea long abandoned somewhere in Initao. These are some of the views captured on digital ink.




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