bright EyEs

Part II - Bohol series

We arrived at the bus terminal near the mall via trike for 10 bucks each. Took the front-most seats aboard the old bus with wooden windows. Can't believe they're still being used! They're the very same ones we took a decade ago. lol Anyway, the very kind driver dropped us off at the fork where a habal-habal took us to the tarsier sanctuary. We struck a deal with Manong for him to wait for us and take us straight back to the terminal for just a hundred bucks each! Cool.

The Tarsier Sanctuary is located in Corella, less than half an hour away from Tagbilaran city. We opted to visit the place rather than see the tarsiers from various tourist spots like the ones at the Loboc river. You'll find these very small "monkeys," but technically primates, in a habitat closest to their natural one. Tarsiers are nocturnal animals and they shouldn't be handled by humans that much (bet they detest it much much!). So visiting them at the sanctuary was our way of supporting proper treatment of these cute creatures. 'Cause most of their kin in commercial viewing areas were said to commit suicide by banging their heads on the sides of their cages.

We arrived around lunch time and while waiting for the caretakers to finish, we watched the video of the sanctuary's history as well as the tarsiers' first. After a very informative session, we proceeded to registration for a very minimal fee and set out looking for bright eyes!

There were only 4 tarsiers in the 'viewing' area and were we so lucky to find 3! ☺☺ And it's worth all the mud on my shoes..and theirs! lol Next stop.. chocolates! ^^

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