Part I - Bohol series.

I last set foot in Bohol ages ago. I was with my mom, my sister, my aunt, my Uyang - which means grandma in the Boholano dialect, and my cousin. We were there in May when every Bol-anon goes home or visits for the fiestas! We stayed in the basement of the ferry since 'twas our only option then. If we opted not to take that option, we'd be heading back home and not come to Bohol anymore. But hey, that isn't what I'm supposed to be writing about.

So after more than a decade..I was back in Bohol! The land of the Chocolate Hills and the tarsier. We arrived via ZestAir, which was pretty okay, and was mobbed by a throng of crazy trike drivers! Thought our few minutes of fame would never end but eventually it did. All one's gotta do is push through everyone and walk until you're well out of the airport premises! Hahaha.. But some can really be relentless. Well, at least it's easier to deal with less people.

We ended up taking the trike from  the last man standing..or left. Was supposed to go to one of the hostels/inns I've researched about but manong driver took us to a reputable pension house he knows which was around 700 bucks a night for both of us, Sky and me. After depositing our packs, we headed out to explore! 
oold buses
First day ended good! Though we got tired from the long ride especially to Carmen to see the Hills..we accomplished a lot. Tarsier and Chocolate hills..check! ☺

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