majestic Mayon

Right after our butanding experience, we headed straight back to Legazpi City and opted to stay at one of the hostels there. A mere hundred bucks more expensive than our previous accommodation but with cable tv, ac, and better beds.

After depositing our bags and a minute of rest we headed out to fill our tummies with local cuisine, supposedly.


sUbmerged..with whALesHarks!

What it's like to be a whaleshark. lol (courtesy of mr. diver)


jUmping in

'Twas still dark when I woke up. The sun wasn't up yet. The sea so calm and peaceful. The beach so quiet and devoid of human activity. Call time was 7am but we're late as expected. Someone kept hitting the snooze button. Harhar.. Good thing we packed brekky, a good excuse! ☻ First thing was registering at the local tourism office (200 PhP), which we should've done the day before as it's crowded with tourists! Or we could've arrived earlier than 7 and avoided the throng. Good thing we rented our fins for 150 bucks each the night before...saved more time! Besides our boat-mates were starting to get annoyed. lol Sorry naman. 

the spotter


sLeeps with fireflies

My first major leisure trip minus the family. Though I was dragged by my cousin on this one... to make friends with butandings (Rhincodon typus) or whalesharks in the english language..

So, we arrived in the city of Legazpi, in the southern part of Luzon, a 45 minute travel by air from Manila, a longer trip by land, and proceeded straight to Donsol. We had the option of taking the bus or jeep at the terminal, which we didn't know where so we ended up sharing a van with Dutch couples. The next 45-minute ride was around 1200 PhP, which we split up with the others.


Oh my CDOh!

Touched down!

Well, that was hours ago and I've just successfully sent my part of our final thesis draft. Cagayan de Oro city is CDOh! ☺ I was warmly met at the airport by much missed family members after a terrible hour and 20 minutes on air..terrible in the sense that my delicate ears were being delicate again. I really should have them checked already but the thing is that I only remember to every time I fly. Haha.. I guess I'm getting what I deserve.



So this is finally it. I've always wanted to have a travel and food blog. But I haven't really documented my travels, as limited as they are. As well as my vast food trips. That's besides that fact that I'm one of the lazy bug's favorite people to bug. But as life is pretty short, I pretty much decided to make the most of it and seize the day. So, I'm gonna backtrack a few steps and recall as much as I can of those detours I took.



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