Church and Chinese food..– Singapore

I totally enjoyed my stay at my hostel but some things just don’t last forever.

My short adventure in Singapore is becoming shorter. I've had my second breakfast for the day after a second trek to the ECP, and that’s after I’ve packed my backpack and all my stuff. I’ve also cleaned up my mess, removed my sheets and dumped them in the laundry bin. And I was then lounging in the common area, making small talk once again, waiting for my sundo, that’s Tammy, a friend who’s gonna pick me up.

Tammy is a good friend of my sister’s. They were together for the Ship for Southeast Asian (and Japan) Youth Program or SSEAYP ‘09. And since this trip was my sister’s Christmas gift, she was kind enough to volunteer to show me around. And let me couchsurf for two nights too.


Our first stop was to hear mass at the Novena Church on Thompson Road. This is a popular place among Filipinos. It is originally called the Church of St. Alphonsus and is quite famous because of the miracles through the novena.

Tammy then took me to this Chinese eatery in the Bugis area with the best-tasting Chinese food I’ve ever had!



The restaurant, found in a complex, needed a bit more space to accommodate all the hungry people cramping it up. If it were not for Tammy, even if I found the place by  myself I don’t think I’d be able to eat my way out of there without any trouble. I don’t speak Mandarin. All I know are numbers, a few verbs and nouns in Fookien. Besides, the auntie – who I think was the boss there, or one of the co-owners, has a bit of an attitude problem. Haha.. She wasn’t very nice. Good thing she din’t personally entertain us.



I was full. Very full. I love Chinese cuisine and by far, that’s the best I’ve had. And this is all thanks to friendship. And the goodness of these people. A huge thanks goes to Tammy for this.


After all the filling up, Tammy and I walked back to her car… to head to the Zoo! Open-mouthed smile


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