Hershey's kiSses

Part III - Bohol series

The Chocolate hills are, if not the E.T.'s very shy relatives - the tarsiers, the most famous must-sees of Bohol. Legend has it that these over-a-thousand unique and uniformly formed land formations were made by giants throwing sand and stone at each other. Covered with grass most time of the year, these only turn chocolatey-brown under the baking heat of the summer sun.  When I last set foot - literally, on two of these kisses (you can't relate if you're not into Hershey's kisses), I din't consider myself lucky back then. But I do now. As I don't think they still allow climbing up any of these hills.

The 60-70 pesos bus ride from the city to Carmen was about 2-3 hours. We made the mistake of grabbing the front seats where there's very little leg room so we had to live through pins and needles and a sore butt before getting off. The scenery's, at least, worth every minute of the ride specially when you're cruising through the man-made forest of Bilar along the way. Very very cool. This was a prep for the 10-minute winding walk up  the Chocolate Hills complex. which was then followed by the 214-step climb to the viewing deck. Great exercise! Wish had a really good camera with me. Again.

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