A walk to the ECP – Singapore

Thank God it’s Friday.

But then, I was on holiday so it really didn’t matter. Started my day really early. Shower at 4 am. Breakfast at 5 (or should I say very late dinner). Mails. Small talk. I din’t actually have any definite plans for the day..where to go..what to do. Good thing I spent some quality talk with the hostel guy who suggested I visit East Coast Park, which was actually on my list! I just happened to bunk at the right location. Wonderful!

A quick run upstairs for my camera and off I went.  The outside world was calling me…waiting to be explored!



In Pictures.

photo courtesy of definitelyfilipino.com

The last year was wonderful. 

GOD had been so good to me and there were so many things I was and am thankful for. Backpacked my way to places. Culture and things I got to experience. Couchsurfed. People I met and the Friends I 've made. The lessons I've learned... So in thanks, Year twenty eleven. In pictures. Some of it anyway. :)

Went to see the Banaue Rice Terraces sometime in January. Huge thanks to Sky!

What a magnificent view... right?

Jeep-mates from all over! ☺

Happy New Start... 2012!

It has been a good year. 2011 has been wonderful to me. Looking back, there's so much I have to be and am thankful for. And today.. 

January 01, 2012. New year. New start. 

Let us continue dreaming, believing and achieving our goals. Thank GOD for yesterdays, today and tomorrows. Start the year right. And finish it right. Pray more. Smile more. Dream more. Laugh more. Forgive more. Achieve more. Hope more. Believe more. Love more. 

All for His glory! 




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