A walk to the ECP – Singapore

Thank God it’s Friday.

But then, I was on holiday so it really didn’t matter. Started my day really early. Shower at 4 am. Breakfast at 5 (or should I say very late dinner). Mails. Small talk. I din’t actually have any definite plans for the day..where to go..what to do. Good thing I spent some quality talk with the hostel guy who suggested I visit East Coast Park, which was actually on my list! I just happened to bunk at the right location. Wonderful!

A quick run upstairs for my camera and off I went.  The outside world was calling me…waiting to be explored!


The East Coast Park attracts more than 7 million visitors each year. It sits on around a hundred and eighty-five hectares of land, along a 15 kilometer stretch of coastline. The view is beautiful. And the place, magnificent.


Considered as one of Singapore’s favorite hangouts for families and the general public.. in general (haha), ECP offers a diverse range of facilities for different activities for everyone. From  bowling alleys, tennis courts, watersports center, to Taichi corners, running track, inline skating and bicycle lanes, picnic areas, and even a hawker center.


It was a bit of a long walk from the hostel to ECP and back. In fact, the Singaporean friends I made (who were originally my sister’s good friends) laughed at me for it. They said I should have taken a taxi. Or something. But it’s good exercise. And breakfast was still being served when I got back. Nothing to complain about.



I enjoyed my short excursion at the East Coast Park. It’s just too bad that I missed the sunrise on the first day. Guess I dallied too long at the hostel. It was breakfast after all. And small talk.


So the next day, I made sure to make it on time. Open-mouthed smile


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