A Day of Red, Plump Hearts.

February 14, 2012 

Here once again. 

It's the same day as last year. People all over - couples to be exact, are busy prepping for this long-awaited day... with flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, dinner dates, etc. And single people... wear this:

Haha.. A lot of single people I know make a big deal out of being dateless on this day. But.. 

What is the big deal?!

It's just Valentine's day. Not a very special day. The sun rises in the morning. The sky brightens. It either remains clear and blue. Or turn grey one minute and rain the entire day. You eat breakfast. Go to work. Then lunch. Back to work again. Have dinner. Or totally skip it. You watch some tv. Or socialize on Facebook. Then hit the sack. Typical day. ~a typically-normal-but-slightly-bitter single

It is Valentine's day. Not any ordinary day. It's the perfect day to spend with your honey. May it be just watching a movie together and eating out. A stroll along the beach or along Manila bay. A romantic dinner on board a yacht with sweet music filling the air and flutes overflowing w/ champagne (or something else bubbly). Whatever little thing you spend doing as long as you're together.. makes this day specially special! ~a head-over-heels-in-love-with-you honeybunny who's definitely got a date

It actually depends on how you look at it. How you see life and this day. Some say it's a day of love. Give  and receive some. But despite what the naysayers say about this being just any day or what the romantics say about this being a very special day.. let's all keep in mind that loving and being loved is and should be an everyday thing. We don't love our parents or children or siblings or sweethearts just for this day. We love them everyday! 

So, let's spread the love. :) 

"Give love because you can."

Happy red, plump Heart's day! :)

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