Last days in Negros.

Despite the grey sky and the drizzle, I was able to see a bit more of Dumaguete all thanks to the kindness and hospitality of new found friends who I met through another friend.

We went resort-hopping in Dauin. Just a few minutes drive from the city. There were plenty in the area and we checked a few.

Atmosphere Resort.

Located in Maayong Tubig, National Road in Dauin. The resort, although not a very huge property, exudes luxurious tranquility that will surely give you the detoxifying pampering you need from work and life in the big city. The beach is not of Boracay quality with it's pebbly grey sand but the atmosphere itself more than makes up for that.

Check more of the resort's beauty at their official website here. (photos courtesy of resort's official website)

Bahura Resort and Spa.

Next stop was the Bahura Resort and Spa with its 2 outdoor swimming pools. The resort can accommodate far more guests and at lesser rates than the Atmosphere.

For more details, you can visit their website here.

Premium de Luxe king bed

We next visited The Treehouse.. with a local home decor/furniture shop just across it where you can buy stuff at such cheaper prices compared with the ones you can purchase at souvenir shops.

We were then driven high up in the mountains... to see the Twin Lakes.

It was a long drive up the mountains but it was well worth it. Before proceeding to the main lake, you have to stop by some tourism office where you will have to pay very minimal environmental fees and such. There was a smaller lake behind the building with leafless trees scattered in the middle. It was a bit eerie and picturesque at the same time. Too bad I lost the photos I took.

A few more minutes drive and you will see the main pavilion overlooking the lake where you can have lunch or just simply relax with a cold drink in hand.

The walk down to the lake with my new pals.

It wasn't exactly drizzling when we got to the lake itself. But still, the weather's pretty cold and bad enough that we din't dare venture out and drowned ourselves in pictures instead.

On the way up.

The view from the restaurant.

And of course, during my stay in Dumaguete, I tried some of the restaurants... and I had a grand time. Ambiance, company, and the food!


  1. Anonymous15.11.11

    parang mamahalin yang resort. wala bang backpackers for poor people like me???? ampayat ni meryl!!!! nakakainis!!!!

    -bumblebenny hehe

  2. Expensive indeed! Atmosphere Resort is owned by an English couple.It's not that big but very private. A number of hostels for backpackers are available in Dumaguete. Don't know any in Dauin though.





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