Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.

Part V - Bohol series (2.11)

Everything comes to an end. It seems like we've just arrived in Bohol a few days back but now we're hopping back on a plane back to the big city this afternoon. [Hope you don't get tired too soon back.] Just when I'm getting the hang of it and loving the place... Well, it's always like that. Sigh. But before goodbye, we gotta say hello first!

Hello Mag-aso falls!

Mag-aso Falls is found in Antequera, 19 to 20 kilometers or approximately a 30 minute ride from the city of Tagbilaran. We got into a tricycle that took us to the small terminal where the jeepneys are found. We waited for sometime once again for it to be filled up to the brim. Every inch of space occupied by a worn out duffel bag, a weary and still sleepy child, a huge basket of vegetables, etc. And not just inside the jeep, but also on top! After a much longer time, we finally got moving. But since we made a stop every once in a while to pick up and drop things and people off, we arrived a bit later than 30 minutes. 

It was a Sunday, so the market where the Antequera terminal was located  was all abuzz with activity. Antequera market, by the way, is famous for local handicrafts especially if you want to buy by bulk. We found a tryke and a kind driver who agreed to take us to the falls and back for just a 150 bucks. 

We were the only ones in the park. Maybe because it was still too early for people to start coming. We paid the entrance fee of 20 bucks each and was guided down the 197 slippery steps to the waterfall. It is so named because of the smoke or mist it produces especially during rainy or cold mornings. Aso in the local dialect translates to smoke. Hence the name Mag-aso.

We were heading home after this pit stop so we din't get to enjoy the water and frolic in the pool as I would have wanted. I'd definitely take a dip next time!


  1. Anonymous22.11.11

    well, thank you for bringing this out online, so that others may know some beautiful places in far lung Antiquera in Bohol. Of course, I can relate also your agony in traveling from Tagbilaran to Antiquera, not because I am a Boholano by province, but because I happened to get there to visit my pinsan, 10 years ago. From Tagbilaran, we rode a baby bus, then after an hour or so, we stop atop (sic) of the mountain, where market place was located that serves as their terminal. But, you know what, there were no other means of transportation available at that time, but a single motorcycle, which they called "habal-habal". In Northern Davao it is called SkyLab which can carry almost 6 persons with fully loaded cargoes traversing along a very rough muddy road crossing in the palayan and a niyogan..sus uyh!!!..hahah..what an experience..

  2. Haha..that's so true. We din't happen to have our own car so we had to take the public transportation. They still use the same old buses! Thanks for appreciating and sharing your thoughts.. GOD bless!





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