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Part IX - Bohol series (2.11)

The dolphin thingie wasn't much of a success. So we broke off from the pack and went our way. Good thing there were two more stops to look forward to. So first one.

Balicasag island is a marine sanctuary known for snorkeling and diving activities. Manong A took us here and 'parked' the boat several meters away from the already-congested shore. Way before anchoring, Manong A already briefed us about what to expect upon arriving on the island. Guides in their much smaller bangkas will swarm all over us offering snorkel gear for rent and similar services. Snorkels, shoes, life vests usually costs around 50 bucks each/pair while guide services are around 150. He told us we have the option of taking a guide or we could just swim around our bangka. The two girls opted for the former. We would've opted for the latter but we sat this out since we'll be heading straight back to the city once we got off the boat. So we were left on the boat hurting our butts and baking in the sun while Manong A and Totoy had their lunch. We got so bored and the sun's rays were becoming scorching hot that we urged Manong A to take us ashore. And since the other girls were told that the bangka will be waiting for them at that exact location, we ended up being taken ashore by one of Manong A's guide pals. 

The island itself is more pebbly than sandy unlike Panglao. You've gotta wear some footwear or you're sure to hurt your feet. There are several fishing boats all around but most are busy ferrying tourists to and fro rather than really fishing.
There's a resort further away from where we were but there are also small huts scattered around, being offered for rent. Most visitors staying in the island are divers. We walked along the shore but not for long. The sun got too hot we finally took refuge under the nearby trees and bought some soda from the only sari-sari store.

Next stop is Virgin Island. This one can only be accessed at low tide. Or so we're told. And boy were we lucky! I've heard a lot about this one and this is definitely the island my friends told me I should not miss. And indeed. It's truly breathtaking! (Pardon me for my shots aren't doing the place justice, I think.)

We were met by vendors selling fresh sea urchins or tuyom in Cebuano. Again we were warned to not accept or take anything offered right away as this might get us into trouble for most of these sellers unintentionally deceive tourists that one can try their goods for free but they'd ask for payment afterwards. No worries for us. None was interested in tasting those black things that you can dip in vinegar. If my dad was there, he'd definitely eat those. He even eats fresh sea cucumbers! Which I find 'eewww.' 

We explored the entire island under the intense heat of the sun. We walked the entire curve of the shore (the island's shaped something like a boomerang) and went to see the young mangroves growing between this island and another smaller one right across. There were small tents selling buko juice. But what we're wanting was buko shake! We could've spread our sarongs on the fine sand, lie back, soak up the sun and the stunning view.. enjoying our buko shake.. Summer!

Have you been to Panglao and did the same island-hopping activity? How was it? 

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