Hoppin' - Bohol

Part VI - Bohol series

A visit to Bohol isn't complete without going to Panglao.  So even if we've made friends with the tarsiers, hiked Baclayon church, climbed Chocolate hills, cruised Loboc river.. we made Panglao our last major pit stop.

Right after the river tour, we hopped on a jeep that'll take us back to Dao terminal, from where we're supposed to take another bus to the island. After a few inquiries, we finally found our ride. Pretty much the same bus but smaller this time. And as usual, we're the first ones. Then came a manang (old lady), followed by two kuyas (older brother). For the meantime, we took separate seats -because they're pretty cute, and waited. And waited. And waited... It took so long for people to come and fill up every single seat available. After a much longer wait, we finally took off and headed for Panglao. Or so we thought. 

As it turned out, manong driver was actually headed to a makeshift terminal intending to load more passengers. But the bus is already full! Where are they gonna stuff these people?!

After a much much longer wait, we finally started moving for the short trip. I don't exactly remember how long it took. All I know is that after a few winks.. a short nap as we were gently swayed right and left, we arrived in Panglao. The thing is that we haven't actually decided where to spend the night. Haha.. and haven't really booked anywhere. We hopped out of the bus at the Alona White Beach area and retraced our steps to head back to the Bohol Beach Club, which as it turned out, was pretty far. Fortunately, a trike was stalking us! lol We hopped in.. it really was far back! As it turned out, Bohol Beach Club is too pricey for us beachbums on a budget. But we're just so lucky that our driver knew of Dimaluan Beach, which is just right next to BBC.

This is the view from our 1000 bucks/night suite. Our chosen resort shares the same shore as BBC. "Why not go for the cheaper one?," said manong driver. Our sentiments exactly.

And of course, our lovely cottage. One word: Presko. Who needs the airconditioned room when you can enjoy the fresh cool air blowing in from the sea. We walked the entire shoreline from our part to the farthest, the expensive Eskaya and Amorita resorts.

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