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Part VII - Bohol series (2.11)

Last night was a bit crazy. Sky and I had dinner at one of the resort's al fresco dining areas..the cheaper one of course. We had rice, soda and lots of bbq! During the entire course of the meal, I kept going back and forth to the tour kiosk hoping to catch anyone wanting to do the dolphin-watching tour in the morning. You see, an entire bangka costs around 2800 bucks and there's just the two of us. So I gotta look for boatmates! The manang (we're pretty sure) was getting pissed off and tired of seeing my face, I bet on it!

Long after we've finished dinner, we've already walked along the shore. Such a pretty star-filled sky! We wandered into the other restaurant with the live band eyeing for probable targets. We went out empty-handed. 

We ended up lounging at the reception area. We each chose our seats and grabbed stuff to read. And like an answered prayer, two Korean girls got out of a black van. And as I'm the project head, I beat their very own driver at the boat tour contest! My sister and I have a couple of Korean friends but these girls are two of those who speak and understand English least. But I don't really care, they said yes already! 

After agreeing to meet up at the reception area after an hour, we went our separate ways. Them - to shower, us - nothing really. Over their dinner and some fruit shakes, we discussed our boat trip the following day. 

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