majestic Mayon

Right after our butanding experience, we headed straight back to Legazpi City and opted to stay at one of the hostels there. A mere hundred bucks more expensive than our previous accommodation but with cable tv, ac, and better beds.

After depositing our bags and a minute of rest we headed out to fill our tummies with local cuisine, supposedly.
We ended up eating at Max's. Very original. lol Well, who am I to complain, I wasn't the one keeping the moneybag. ☻ After asking for directions and taking the opposite direction at first, we eventually caught the jeepney going to Cagsaua ruins. We hiked to take a peek at the elusive Mt. Mayon. We weren't very successful on the first try. So we contented ourselves to taking as many pics as we can and decided to come back the day after..a few hours before take off. And boy were we lucky!

where the lava flowed
the calf ho's gonna be a cow soon
last stand

muy bonita!

Been to Legazpi? Don't miss the elusive Magayon!

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