sLeeps with fireflies

My first major leisure trip minus the family. Though I was dragged by my cousin on this one... to make friends with butandings (Rhincodon typus) or whalesharks in the english language..

So, we arrived in the city of Legazpi, in the southern part of Luzon, a 45 minute travel by air from Manila, a longer trip by land, and proceeded straight to Donsol. We had the option of taking the bus or jeep at the terminal, which we didn't know where so we ended up sharing a van with Dutch couples. The next 45-minute ride was around 1200 PhP, which we split up with the others.

A quiet little town in Sorsogon, Donsol swarms with tourists from all over every year. The beaches aren't the prettiest but the whalesharks are surely the nicest. It was the peak of the tourist season so most rooms were already taken. There were 2 rooms left somewhere but we gave way to our van-mates. Luckily we found a cute hut for 500 bucks at one of the small resorts. At least, there's some place we could spend the night. It was a decent place but the menu was a bit too expensive for our taste. So we took a tricycle for 30 pesos and headed back to town to buy ourselves dinner..bread and some cheese spread and regrouped with our van-mates for the firefly tour.

Being a small town in the province, the entire place was enveloped in darkness the moment the sun disappeared. Taken by trikes, we carefully made our way down the slippery river bank under the bridge and boarded our bangka. We had our captain and at the same time navigator plus our tourist guide. One of the best things being in such a rural area is that you get to truly appreciate the milky way. And Mr. Moon too, which din't make an appearance that night, a good thing since it made all the dancing little lights even more beautiful. 

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