I meant, blogstipated. 

A word I got from a post by FearfulAdventurer about blogging troubles. Well, everyone encounters glitches of some sort along whichever path we choose to follow. And for an aspiring blogger like me, this is a major roadblock. Omeegaaad. 

Well, maybe yes. Maybe not. Words usually flow when I get started. That's when I'm past a paragraph. Even just a short one. But how do I get started. That's the real glitch. 

Or I'm simply too tardy to get on with it. I used to be so into writing so much when I was younger. Before I was overwhelmed with too much reports and deadlines to meet back in Uni. I used to always fill my journal to the brim. Before an ex-roomie read it cover to cover. I used to submit weekly write-ups. Before I stopped being a part of the school paper. I used to post posts more regularly. Before I redid my blog...wanting it to be more like a travel blog and less of a touchy-feely journal-y thing. I used to always scribble something on most pieces of paper but most often my favorite notebook. Before I got too technically-dependent. That is, needing a keyboard and not making do with plain paper and pen. 

This will be my dead-end of the road to a thriving blog! To think I've mapped out a timeline. Hah! Unless I do something about it. Really do something about it. 

Maybe I'm just overwhelmed by the volume of posts to write. Gotta deal with this catching-ups! 

Or is it catchings-up?


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